James Gunn Hints at When the Final ‘The Suicide Squad’ Trailer will Drop

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In about a month and a half, we’ll be seeing James Gunn’s DC movie. That’s likely the simplest and effective marketing tagline you can use for the upcoming The Suicide Squad. Since the first trailer dropped, I’ve been ridiculously excited and honestly, I don’t need any more trailers to get my butt into a movie theater. Yes, I will likely venture out to the cinema for the first time in two years to watch TSS. In the meantime, James Gunn is hinting at when the final trailer will be dropping.

Do we really need another trailer? The first was perfection, but that’s not how Hollywood works. Apparently, we just need as much footage and marketing material to ensure those seats are filled come opening day. Well, to be fair, in a post-quarantine world, it might be best to try to revitalize the movie theaters. Regardless, a fan took to Twitter and asked Gunn if we’d be seeing the final trailer by next month. Gunn, of course, replied very cryptically.

In just three words, the writer/director riled his fans into a frenzy. The emphasis, of course, being on “next.” Sooo, I guess the implication here is that it’s coming sooner than next month. Perhaps this upcoming week? There’s only one way to interpret that response, right? With only 10 days left in the month and next week being the last full week of June, it’s gotta be next week. If not, it could be the 30th. That’s technically still June, after all.

Gunn’s hint at when the final TSS trailer will drop is not the first and will likely not be the last time that Gunn teases his audience. In case you weren’t aware, Gunn is insanely active on social media and has slowly become his own marketing team with how well he hints at upcoming things. It’s just another art form that Gunn has mastered.

The Suicide Squad hits theaters and HBO Max in the US on August 6, 2021.

Source – James Gunn’s Twitter

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