Hot Wheels Toy May Give Fans Another Look at ‘The Batman’ Batmobile

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Oddly, one of the most important parts of the Dark Knight’s mythology is his means of transportation. Most other superheroes with different gimmicks and powers find larger-than-life ways of going on patrol in their city. Of course, Batfans know that Batman uses the Batmobile. It’s become so integral to his identity that fans now look forward to a new incarnation of the vehicle in every movie. As for Matt Reeves’ The Batman, he revealed his version of the Batmobile in the DC FanDome teaser. While we did get a pretty good look at the souped-up muscle car in the teaser, we’re getting an even better one from a new Hot Wheels toy.

It’s been a tumultuous production for The Batman. The flick started shooting in February 2020 but was quickly halted due to the coronavirus pandemic. After a ten-month delay, the United Kingdom government finally gave the go-ahead for production to resume in November. Miraculously, despite some delays due to positive COVID-19 testing, there were no reported casualties and the flick wrapped filming in March.

Hot Wheels toy adds more flames

Now, the project is in post-production. Part of that, of course, entails merchandise. Apparently, a Redditor snapped a photo of the official Hot Wheels toy of the Batmobile, giving us another look at the car. Overall, it remains fairly consistent with what we saw in the tease, except for more exhaust pipes with flames spraying out of them.

Take a look:

Considering that this is Reddit, I’m going to make sure I have the salt handy, and you probably should as well. Based on our own official look in the teaser, there were fewer uses of flames overall. As previously mentioned, this Batman is still a bit of a rookie in his crimefighting career, which explains the casting of Robert Pattinson. Thankfully, the Batmobile reflects this. Instead of the highly stylized cars of the past, or the tanks, it’s a slightly modified muscle car. He hasn’t had the chance to ruminate further about what he needs from his wheels.

Check out the teaser below and juxtapose the Hot Wheels toy with the real deal:

What do you think? Is this Hot Wheels toy giving us the definitive look at the new  Batmobile? How do you feel about the overall aesthetic? Let me know.

The Batman hits theatres on March 4, 2022.

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