Reviews Batman’s Cowl Lego Set

by James Byrd
0 comment has reviewed the new Batman’s Cowl Lego set.

Building something great

For those of you who don’t “heap some bricks” as true Lego maniacs like to say, is the gatekeeper of all things Lego.

The site has recently posted a review by noted block-i-tect, CapnRex101, on the new Batman Cowl set currently retailing for $59.99. Anticipation for the set was mixed among the block-piling community, as some fans took issue with the unusual design of the mouth structure.

Tough but Fair

The Cap’n’s  review seems like he wants to be positive, but his overall disappointment proves too strong to ignore. In his opinion the set:

Succeeds in capturing Batman’s distinctive appearance and incorporates considerable detail, especially around the nose and eyes. Unfortunately,… the trans-black section inside the cowl detracts quite significantly from the whole design…selecting trans-black for the section inside the cowl… appears completely bizarre, somewhat contrasting against the black cowl without varying significantly. The resulting design looks awkward

The review of the Batman’s Cowl set isn’t all negative. Any Batman cowl featuring a chinstrap is bound to attract controversy, but this one happily features a rounded shape that:

looks excellent, featuring suitable texture which creates the impression of padding.

Other highlights noted as’s review of Batman’s cowl include the general shape, eyes, ears and base. A discerning Lego fan has a plethora of building options in this modern world, as does the collector of tasteful Batman merchandise, including plenty of other Lego related products.

It seems like this set’s appeal might be limited.

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