Work on ‘Harley Quinn’ Season 3 Has Officially Begun

by Kevin M. Gallagher, Jr
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Are you f!%#ing ready for Harley Quinn Season 3? I hope so because we’re getting closer!

Harley Quinn co-showrunner, Patrick Schumacker, has confirmed that work has now officially begun on Season 3:

While we are getting a Season 3 on HBO Max, Schumacker, along with his showrunner partner Justin Halpern, have not confirmed how many episodes it will have, and that it won’t be done back to back with another season. Along with much of the cast returning, we can expect some of the same writing that won this show some awards a few months ago, Schumacker told

We have to fill out the writing staff. Fortunately, quite a few of the writers that were with us for Seasons 1 and 2 are available still, possibly to their chagrin, but we’re going to be looking for new voices for this season, because we will have holes to fill, and new points of view that we will be looking for specifically moving forward. I think that’s the immediate step is solidifying who our staff is going to be moving forward.

What if?

Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn in the 'Harley Quinn' animated series

As you can see, the showrunners will be bringing in new voices to help keep the show fresh, which is important, but the most interesting tidbit he revealed to Deadline was their plan had Season 3 not been picked up:

When we were waiting for a Season 3 pickup, we were kicking around ideas with the executives over at Warner Bros. Animation about (a movie). Because we were like, ‘Well, we have stories to tell with these characters. We want to continue going with it, and if Season 3 can’t happen, maybe we can do something in the feature space, which is sort of independent of a network picking up the show or not.’ So, that is something that has been on our [minds].

While I would have loved to see a feature film version of Harley Quinn, I’d much rather have more seasons! Hopefully, they’ll keep this idea in their back pocket to wrap up any loose ends if the series doesn’t go beyond the third season. No date has been set for the debut of Harley Quinn Season 3, but current episodes are now streaming on HBO Max.

Are you excited about the return of Harley Quinn? Where would you like to see the show pick up? Sound off below!

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