Sideshow Present: Batman Returns ‘Catwoman’ Maquette

by John Hammond
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Article by John Hammond

For fans of Tim Burton’s Batman Returns movie, this will be one hell of a treat, as Sideshow present a new ‘Catwoman’ maquette by Tweeterhead.  The new sculpture is inspired by Michelle Pfeiffer’s wonderful take on the ‘Catwoman’ character from the 1992 movie.

I don’t know about you, Miss Kitty, but I feel so much yummier.”

About the maquette

Tweeterhead and Sideshow present the Catwoman 1:4 Scale Maquette, inspired by her iconic appearance in Batman Returns.

The Catwoman 1:4 Scale Maquette measures 13.5” tall and 20” long as Selina Kyle reclines luxuriously on a Gotham City rooftop alongside the logo for Shreck’s Department Store. The stonelike feline fixture grins down at the streets below while Catwoman lies in wait for Batman, hiding her signature bullwhip behind her back, ready to spring into action.

The fully sculpted Catwoman 1:4 Scale Maquette is a meticulous and faithful recreation of Michelle Pfeiffer’s unforgettable movie costume, detailed down to the accurate stitching and unique claw weapons on her fingertips based on actual reference from the film props. Her black catsuit features a glossy paint application to mimic the material appearance of the cinematic outfit and has sculpted lacing on the waist cincher and knee-high boots. Finished with a sultry portrait beneath her cowl, this incredibly authentic Catwoman collectible by Tweeterhead captures all the allure and danger of everyone’s favorite feline femme fatale.

The Exclusive Edition of the Catwoman 1:4 Scale Maquette includes Miss Kitty, a black cat proximity accessory to place on the base of the statue. Bring some additional feline flair to your Batman display with this exclusive display option.

Batman fans, don’t miss your chance to sink your claws into the Catwoman 1:4 Scale Maquette by Tweeterhead today.

Looking at the images for this, it is clear that the attention to detail is second to none.  This is certainly one for Catwoman fans, particularly who love the Batman Returns iteration.

This is now available to pre-order on the Sideshow website and has an arrival date of Nov ’21 to Jan ’22.  Is this something you will be adding to your collection?  Please let us know.

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