Michael Keaton Discusses ‘The Flash’

by Eric Lee
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Article by Eric Lee

Former Batman star Michael Keaton has finally spoken about how his possible appearance on The Flash isn’t guaranteed, and who he believes the “best Batman” really is.

On the Jimmy Kimmel Live! late night talk show, Keaton discussed a myriad of topics. Regarding the news about him joining the cast of the Flash movie, Keaton played coy. He said that the film is not a done deal yet, leaving some uncertainty about his appearance.

I can’t confirm anything. We’re having discussions as they say. We’re talking about it and we’ll see if it happens.

This news certainly throws some cold water on a lot of fans who assumed that Keaton on Flash is a sure thing. There’s still a small chance that the talks could fall apart, and that Keaton could walk away.

Check out Keaton’s full interview with Kimmel below:

Who is the Best Batman?

Amusingly, when Kimmel asked Michael Keaton who his favorite Batman is, the actor had a very straight-forward logical answer, Keaton responded in a deadpan, matter-of-fact tone.


Who are we to argue? Keaton redefined Batman in the public’s perception, from the campy superhero to a dark avenger. Every modern Batman actor is building upon Keaton’s performance in Batman and Batman Returns. Those films certainly hold up in today times.

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