Review: Teen Titans Annual #2

by Sam McTernan
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“I was Robin”
Writer: Robbie Thompson
Artists: Eduardo Pansica & Julio Ferreira
Color Artist: Marcelo Maiolo
Letterer: Rob Leigh
Review by Sam McTernan

Following hot on the heels of last week’s Teen Titans #44, the second annual of the latest run delivers just the kind of insanity we’ve grown accustomed too. It’s full on, it’s loud, and there’s a lot of family drama. This is Teen Titans Annual #2, and it’s awesome.

Robin’s never been so reckless; he’s killed, he’s torn his team apart, and lost all their trust. He’s a very dangerous individual, and very much a loose cannon. Thompson captures the intensity of this brilliantly, and it’s a real joy to see him weave this arc together.

The introduction of Batman, as well as the writer’s use of the late Alfred Pennyworth is nothing short of genius. These are hardly easy characters to use this well. If you don’t respect the parameters of these guys, you’re very quickly going to have a bad story. Thompson thankfully hasn’t done this, and really fleshes out the both the Dark Knight and Alfred in this Annual.

It’s one thing writing these scenes, but very much a different challenge to bring it to life. The art is dynamic and really packs a punch, literally. The art of Pansica, inks of Ferreira, and the color genius of Marcelo are prime examples of just how good comic books can be. I really enjoyed the art in this issue, as it aided the story. Honestly, even without Thompson’s brilliant writing, I could’ve enjoyed this story from the art alone.


Teen titans Annual #2 was stellar. It compliments the main run excellently, and it’s a real treat to have the story continued two weeks in a row. It’s been fantastic seeing Batman in these last few issues, and with Deathstroke’s return, I’ve been impresses to see the direction following Glass’s run. It’s dark and dramatic, and I’m moving every second.

Images courtesy of DC Entertainment

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