J.K. Simmons is excited about the Snyder Cut!

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Article by Damian Fasciani

Justice League star J.K Simmons wants to see the Snyder Cut of the movie finished and released. Along with millions of fans around the world, Jim Gordon himself is ready to roll up his sleeves to see it through. Once word dropped that HBO Max was going to be the platform to show the film in 2021, opinions started to emerge about how much work would be required to complete Zack Snyder’s version. Some reports suggested the actors weren’t needed, and only visual effects work, lighting, and editing would be required.

Here are Mr Simmons’ thoughts, as reported by Screen Rant:

Well, the Snyder cut is happening now at long last, as DC fans know. I’m excited that I’m a part of it. As far as I know, I’ve already done everything I have to do to be a part of Zack’s cut, which is to tell Zack, “Yes, I want to be a part of your cut.” If there’s additional dialogue recording or additional shooting or whatever, I’d be happy to do it.

The actor continued:

I’m always in favor of a director’s vision, especially a filmmaker who’s been so iconic in that genre in general. There were obviously a variety of reasons for the way things shook out the first time around with that film. Whatever your feelings were about the version that was at first released, I think even if you absolutely loved everything about that film, I would certainly be interested as an audience to see Zack’s vision. The one thing I do know for sure is that it will be long, because he’s got a lot of stuff that he wants to get in there.

We’re unsure officially if the film will be released as one motion picture, or if it will be broken up into segments / chapters and released over a set duration of time.

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Robert Greenblatt, Chairman of Warner Media Entertainment and Direct-to-Consumer, said in a statement when the cut was first announced:

Since I got here 14 months ago, the chant to #ReleaseTheSnyderCut has been a daily drumbeat in our offices and inboxes. At the end of the day, it really is all about them, and we’re beyond excited to be able to release Zack’s ultimate vision for this film in 2021. This could never have happened if it weren’t for the hard work and combined efforts of the teams at HBO Max and Warner Bros. Pictures.

Comment and let us know what you think. Are you, like J.K. Simmons, looking forward to the Snyder Cut of the Justice League?

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