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Batman writer James Tynion IV has hinted at long-ranging repercussions for Batman after “Joker War”.

In an interview with Newsarama, the writer teased all the different elements of the upcoming crossover “Joker War”. Tynion’s current storyline “Their Dark Designs” is setting the stage for the event. In “Dark Designs”, Batman encounters a new threat called the Designer. Apparently, the battle leaves Batman in a vulnerable spot, The Joker takes advantage of Batman’s weakness and swoops in to steal his fortune.

While there are many characters, Tynion confirmed that Catwoman will play a central part in “Joker War”

We’ve been playing up [Catwoman’s] history with the core rogues of Gotham City. Her actions at the end of “Their Dark Designs”, which come from a place of desperation, help play directly into the Joker’s hands. She’s not going to just take that. She’s going to want to set things right and put Joker back in his place.

So Catwoman definitely plays a very central role and plays a key role at the climax of “The Joker War” story. But also, her actions in “Joker War” are going to help set the stage for, honestly, the next few years of Batman stories.

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Joker’s Motivations

The Joker is setting out to prove something in “Joker War”. He wants to show how ugly both Gotham and Batman are underneath it all. He also wants to prove how ineffectual Batman is without his support system.

Joker always has a bit of a thesis whenever he comes after Batman. One of his theses during “The Joker War” is that Gotham City has been pretending that it’s something it’s not for a long time. That one centimetre – one millimetre – under the surface, it is this grimy, horrifying place and people are just waiting to lash back out. They’ve been pretending they believe in justice. They’ve been pretending they believe in a bat-symbol in the sky. And now, it’s ready to get ugly again.

And Bruce doesn’t have the people to rely on that he used to. Jim Gordon isn’t at the Bat-signal. Alfred isn’t in the Bat-cave. The family has all been pulled away from him, or he’s pushed them away.

This is a dangerous moment for Bruce, and a dangerous moment when Gotham City is going to become something very different and something out of Batman’s control. That’s the exciting thing here.

The Art of ‘Joker War’

Tynion confirms that artist Rafael Albuquerque will illustrate the crossover prologue issue #94, however, the meat of the story from #95 to #100 will be fully drawn by Jorge Jimenez.

“Joker War” begins in issue #95. Batman #95 goes on sale July 22nd.

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