‘Batman/Catwoman’ Series May Be Out of Continuity

by Eric Lee
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Article by Eric Lee

The upcoming Tom King-led Batman/Catwoman series may not be set completely within the confines of the core DC continuity.

In an interview with NewsaramaBatman writer James Tynion implies that the mini-series may not adhere to the strict continuity of the main title.

That’s more the purview of Tom King and his book, which is sort of moving outside the bounds of continuity, as far as I understand. Right now, we’re focusing on the core Batman story, happening in the pages of Batman. I’m very excited to read Batman/Catwoman in the same way I’m excited to read Three Jokers, but neither of them really have much effect on the core story I’m telling.

Realistically, it’s entirely possible that the series is non-canon. Earlier this year, King teased images of a pregnant Catwoman. But when the Catwoman 80th Anniversary 100-page Super Spectacular came out, the story “Helena” was revealed to be a possible-future story, where the comic jumped forward 25-years. While it was a great tale, it should not be treated as necessarily in-continuity.

Is ‘Batman/ Catwoman’ in Continuity?

To further muddy the waters, series artist Clay Mann shot back at Tynion’s comments. On Twitter, Mann linked the article with a cryptic message “Or is it?”

Mann also attached his gorgeous inked image of the Phantasm with Catwoman’s face in the reflection of the blade.

Honestly, the whole debate may be nothing more than semantics. What Tynion probably meant was that the mini-series will not follow the month-by-month connectivity of Batman. Hence, we should not expect any developments from the main series to immediately affect Batman/Catwoman, or vice versa. Once all the stories are done, the timeline will make more sense.

This is the case for many mini-series. Most recently, Doomsday Clock‘s placement in the DC timeline was murky until the storyline ended. After that, readers began seeing the repercussions of that event referenced in titles, like Superman.

There is no official release date for Batman/Catwoman yet.

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