Fans Start Petition to Keep Kate Kane in ‘Batwoman’

by Eric Lee
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Article by Eric Lee

Batwoman fans have responded to the news of changing the main character with hashtags, and an online petition to keep Kate Kane.

Fans were shocked, first at the news of Ruby Rose leaving, and even further when the show-runners announced that they’ll be replacing Kate Kane with a new character lead.

Now some are taking to Twitter to voice their outrage. They have been using “#SaveKateKane” and “#KateKaneIsBatwoman”.

The list of reasons why Kate Kane should remain on the show are numerous. Some fans cite how the show’s real appeal is the relationships Kate has with the various characters. Other fans state how it’s important to have Jewish superhero representation. Others claim that it makes little sense to have a show based on the DC Comics heroine, but starring a completely different character.

Check out a handful of tweets.

Petition For Kate Kane

Furthermore, some fans started a petition to keep Kate Kane as the main lead. As at time of writing, the petition hadn’t yet hit its goal of 500 signatures.

It’s crazy to see the fan out-pour for Kate Kane as a character. Even if it doesn’t change the show-runners’ plans, it’s nice to see the passion fans have for the show.

Batwoman season 1 is currently streaming on HBO Max.

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