Free Comic Book Day 2020 Becoming ‘Free Comic Book May’

by John Hammond
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Article by John Hammond

As you will all be aware, the world is suffering from a pandemic with the spread of the Covid-19 coronavirus.  In turn, this is having a massive effect on how we’re living our daily lives. For the purposes of this article, we’re making you aware of Free Comic Book Day 2020 becoming Free Comic Book May.

Steve Geppi, founder of Diamond Comic Distributors, this week sent a memo to all comic book retailers:

With restaurants and other businesses closing and many areas implementing event restrictions, we know that Free Comic Book Day will be impacted to varying degrees throughout the world. With the books already printed and en route, we have worked with our publisher partners to give retailers as much flexibility as possible in their handling of this event.

To minimize the impact on our primary distribution operations, prioritizing the distribution of weekly new comics and restocks, a number of FCBD titles will be included with each regular weekly shipment for the next several weeks. These titles will be invoiced at no charge, as we extend the billing out approximately 90 days, to the first week in August. The books may not be in separate boxes from the rest of the shipment, except when full cases are shipping.

This move should help to alleviate the large crowds that generally gather at these events.  Usually we will see customers rushing in for their freebies alongside any purchases that they wish to make.  Having these books available all through the month seems an ideal way to combat the concerns, and ensure that people will stick to social distancing.
The comic book industry is still working on how best to deal with this pandemic, particularly with retailers who may well be losing out on custom during this difficult time.  Image have already stated that it will be making new releases returnable to ease pressure on retailers.
What are your thoughts on Free Comic Book Day becoming Free Comic Book May?  Please let us know.

More importantly, please stay safe…

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