Review: ‘Batwoman’ Episode 12 “Take Your Choice”

by Steve J Ray
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“Take Your Choice”
Writer: Ebony Gilbert
Director: Tara Miele
Starring: Ruby Rose, Rachel Skarsten, Meagan Tandy, Nicole Kang, Camrus Johnson, Dougray Scott, Sam Littlefield, Sebastian Roché, John Emmet Tracy, Elizabeth Anweis, and Rachel Maddow
Review by Steve J. Ray

I have to say that Batwoman is on fire right now, and episode 12 “Take Your Choice” is shocking, suspenseful and full of twists, turns and truly great character moments.

From The Crisis crossover onwards this show has found its voice and personality; it’s taken the ball and scored touchdown after touchdown, week after, week, after (two week gap), after week. The CW’s scheduling and skip weeks are really annoying, but more often than not, as is the case here, the wait has proven to be well worth it.

Take Your Choice - Beth and Luke

Take Your Choice

We left episode 11 on a real cliffhanger, with Alice (and her parallel world doppelganger Beth) reeling in what looked like mutual agony. Of course we go on to discover that two versions of one person cannot long co-exist in the same dimension. What follows is a 24 style race to save these two women who are exactly the same person… and yet totally not.

Ruby Rose really gets a chance to shine this week, as her heartbreak at having to choose which version of her twin sister to save is clearly evident. Her choices shocked and surprised me, though still made perfect sense. Even with a sister chosen, however, writer Ebony Gilbert threw in yet another curve-ball. Well played, Batwoman writers… well played.

Take Your Choice - Alice or Beth?

Helloooo… McFly?

Visual effects in TV have certainly come a long way over the years, haven’t they? I know that I haven’t always been very complimentary about the special effects on The CW’s superhero shows in the past, but the scenes where Alice and Beth – both played brilliantly by the ever wonderful Rachel Skarsten – finally come face to face are brilliantly made, well executed and emotionally charged.

In fact, I tip my hat to the production team and director Tara Miele for delivering one of the best split screen scenes in years. This is a blockbuster movie level doppelganger scene, so… Biff Tannen and Seamus McFly, eat your hearts out!


“Take Your Choice” was a near perfect episode, full of surprises. I knew that there was more to Doctor Campbell than just being a “prominent plastic surgeon”… nice twist. Seeing Elizabeth Anweis again was great, and poetic, and – as always – series regulars Camrus Johnson and Nicole Kang always play Luke and Mary with verve and passion. I truly love these characters, and that’s down to the talented people who play them.

Thing get “Curioser and Curioser” next week, with another Lewis Carroll inspired title “Drink Me.” Now… will I need ice, milk or lemon? I’ll stock up now, as it’s always best to be prepared.

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