‘Joker’ Box Office Update: Week 3

Joker promo in clay-mation
Article by Eric Lee

Joker earned an additional $29.2 million this weekend, putting it on pace to be the highest gross R-rated movie ever.

At the domestic box office this weekend, Joker lost only 48% of the audience. The additional $29.2 million puts the movie’s domestic box office at $247.2 million. Furthermore, the movie grossed $77.8 million in the international markets. The foreign box office earned about $490.3 million. In total, the film has a lifetime box office take of $737.5 million.

Highest Grossing R-Rated Film Ever?

The Todd Phillips-directed film has been doing extraordinary business. In fact, it has already beaten Justice League and Man of Steel‘s lifetime grosses. Now the question is, will it beat the current king of rated R movies Deadpool? Both that film, and its sequel Deadpool 2, are the highest grossing R-rated films. They stand at $783 million and $738 million respectively. Joker has a very real chance of beating both of them, given its pace. In fact, Joker could make anywhere from $900 million to $1 billion. That’s right. The movie could potentially make a billion.

Given that no real major movies are opening for the next month, Joker has little competition to prevent it from hitting that milestone.

Joker is now playing in theaters worldwide.


Eric Lee

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