New ‘Joker’ Photos Show Descent Into Madness

by Philip Clark
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Article by Philip Clark

Joker has completed production now, and all the pieces of promo art, and trailers that have come out so far are excellent! So it comes as no surprise that new Joker photos have surfaced highlighting the madness taking hold of Arthur Fleck. The three pictures show the transition Joaquin Phoenix goes through before finally turning into the Clown Prince of Crime.

Joker promo in clay-mationBox office conquered by Phoenix's Joker

Descent Into Madness

Todd Phillips has already come out and said that Joker will be rated ‘R’. With this in mind and knowing the trauma it took to get into the Joker persona, I’m really looking forward to this movie!

I mean, just looking at the pictures, you can really feel the pain and anguish that Fleck is going through. From breaking down on the bus, to the stern look as he paints on his clown make-up.

Then, finally we get the broken man we all know and love. The Joker, dancing down some stairs. These pictures have me even more excited about the film now. Everything I’m seeing is just adding to the hype!

What does everyone out there think of the new Joker photos? Let us know.

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