‘Batman: The Definitive History of The Dark Knight’ Trailer Released By Insight Editions

Batman - The Definitive History
Article by Steve J. Ray

Ever since this book was announced I have been excited beyond all reason. Now, Insight editions have shared a brand new trailer for Batman: The Definitive History of The Dark Knight!

Recently Dark Knight News reported that Michael Keaton will be writing the book’s foreword and Kevin Conroy will be providing the intro! So we’ll actually have a Batman book with contributions from not one, but two legendary Batmen!

Here’s the video:

Also, Insight Editions will be back at SDCC! If you’re attending, please visit pop by and say hi! They’ll be in booth #3721, giving away free Batman: The Definitive History of The Dark Knight posters, featuring the beautiful front & back cover artwork by John Guydo!

Now I’m actually drooling!

What about everyone out there? Are you excited for this book? What did you think of the trailer? Please sound off in the comments section.


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