Joel Kinnaman Confirms Return As Rick Flag in ‘The Suicide Squad’

Article by Max Byrne

Rick Flag is back! According to a post on his Instagram account, Joel Kinnaman will reprise the role of Flag in James Gunn’s upcoming The Suicide Squad, due for release on August 6th 2021.

The post features the actor at a gun range, with the quote “Easing into that squad preppppp”. The full post can be seen below.

With varying reports either confirming or denying his inclusion in the film, it would now appear that he has begun preparations to reprise his role as the elite military man.

With this being proof of yet another member of the original cast returning for the new instalment, the initial reports of the film being a total reboot would seem to be wide of the mark. With Viola Davis back as Amanda Waller, Jai Courtney back as Captain Boomerang and Margot Robbie expected to be back as Harley Quinn, the description of soft reboot would probably be more apt.

Originally, Warner Bros. wanted Will Smith back as Deadshot, but scheduling got in the way. Idris Elba was brought in and was initially rumored to replace Smith. However, James Gunn and the studio decided to make Elba a new character instead, who has yet to be specified. Bronze Tiger? Somebody new?

The new roster also includes David Dalmastachian as Polka-Dot Man and Daniela Melchior as Ratcatcher, and with John Cena allegedly cast as Peacemaker, things are heating up.

With so many options open to Gunn, the possibilities for the film are endless. Similarly to Matt Reeves’ The Batman, a huge reveal at San Diego Comic Con would be most welcome!

Are you happy about Joel Kinnaman returning with other original cast members? Or would you have preferred a complete reboot? Let us know.