8-Bit Episodes Being Released For ‘Batman: Curse Of The White Knight’

Article by Chris Foti

Batman: White Knight is a limited series comic book created by Sean Murphy that was released from 2017-2018. It’s part of DC’s Black Label line of books, which tell unique stories outside of the mainline continuity of the DC Universe. In White Knight, we saw the roles of Batman and the Joker as hero and villain reversed.

The series was such a success that Murphy announced a sequel, Batman: Curse of the White Knight, set to release later this year. To promote the series, Murphy has teamed up with Chris Fequiere, an animator and fan of the comics, to make 8-bit episodes that will be released online.

Last October, Fequiere made an 8-bit video of what the introduction to Curse of the White Knight would look like in video game form.

Obviously, Murphy took note of the fan project and has teamed up with Fequiere for the 8-bit series that will lead into Curse of the White Knight.

You can check out the teaser video here:

Batman: Curse of the White Knight releases on July 24 through DC’s Black Label.


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