‘Gotham’ “I Am Bane”, Is This Batgirl? FOX Shares Photos

by Sharna Jahangir
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Gotham will return on March 21st for its final few weeks. FOX has shared photos from the nail-biting and anticipated episode “I Am Bane.”

What’s so exciting about this news is that Barbara is going to be giving birth. The twists and turns of the relationship between Jim Gordon and his former partner is no regular narrative. However, we could know who their child will be. Is this our beloved Barbara Gordon, Batgirl? In this image, Babs is being pushed through on a wheelchair, accompanied by the reliable Dr. Leslie Thompkins, Riddler, and the Penguin.

The colors are becoming brighter on the show towards the end of the season, it feels. Maybe this signals a new dawn? Check out the photos below, courtesy of FOX.

It’s interesting to see the colors brightening, chapter by chapter, throughout season five. In the previous episode, “The Trial of Jim Gordon“,  it really pronounced Gordon’s powerful influence on the citizens of Gotham City. We see the future commissioner’s love for the city and its people; from Penguin to Detective Bullock.

He has gained trust even amongst the most mistrustful, and transformed this thick-headed Detective into an intelligent and protective thinker. This quality makes him a fantastic nurturer, partner and father. It’s exciting to see why Jim Gordon was always a fantastic father to Batgirl, and friend to Bruce Wayne in the comics.

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