Matt Reeves Reportedly Looking for an Actor in his 20s for ‘The Batman’

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Casting rumors surrounding Matt Reeves’ The Batman continue to be spoken in hushed tones across Hollywood, with only the former Batfleck admitting to the public that he was no longer the Batman.

Last week, a story circulated that said that Armie Hammer was in talks to play Batman following Ben Affleck’s departure from the role. This would have been somewhat poetic, as Hammer was originally cast in the cancelled Justice League: Mortal, which was to be helmed by Mad Max director, George Miller. Alas, the Writer’s Strike of 2007 halted production on that project, eventually leading to its cancellation.

Hammer quickly squashed it the next day, stating that nobody has yet approached him about his availability, effectively ending the dream of Hammer finally realizing a role he was cast in over 10 years ago. Well, at least for fans. Hammer probably left that all behind some time ago.

While we do not yet know the identity of our new Batman, it’s been rumored around the Internet for quite some time that Reeves is looking for a younger Batman. His movie will be set in the Caped Crusader’s past and based around his formation into the hero we know. Well, I guess there’s a bit more concrete information supporting that rumor as of this week. Heat Vision, a weekly newsletter from The Hollywood Reporter has yet dropped another little tidbit regarding The Batman.

Avoid the extremes

Heat Vision Say:

Reeves is said to be ideally looking to cast a late 20-something actor for his Dark Knight. This iteration of Batman won’t be a straight-up rookie, a la the Caped Crusader in Frank Miller’s Batman Year One, but he won’t be the expert, undefeatable crimefighter of a Batman at his peak.

It’s kind of interesting, I suppose. Most of the rumors always spoke of the rookie Batman seen in Frank Miller’s Year One, but it seems like there’s only the extremes with Batman, because that’s what we want to see. It’s fun to watch someone as skilled as Batman beginning his crimefighting crusade just learning how to do things, but it’s even more fun to see Batman at his best.

I’m not so sure about this direction, but I suppose Reeves is looking to create a Batman who’s confident in his skills, but still learning. I mean, I feel like it’d be even more impactful if we were to get Batman at his best at the star, but then watch him get taken down a few pegs, to show him he doesn’t know everything. Then again, that’s a story that’s been told many times already.

Regardless, remember that this is all hearsay and with that, make sure that you have the salt ready for consumption. Iodized, Kosher, Himalayan Pink? It’s all the same to keep the rumors as bay.

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