Check Out Jack Bannon as Young Alfred

The first official photo of Jack Bannon as Alfred has been shared online.

Epix posted the picture on their official Pennyworth Twitter account. The image is accompanied by the caption:

Meet Alfred Pennyworth, like you’ve never seen him before.

Adventures of Young Alfred

As one can see, Bannon certainly looks, um, strapping. Who would have guessed that Alfred could be described like that. Then again, we also live in a world with a hot Aunt May, so, who knows?

Let us recall that the prequel series is about Alfred, fresh from the military, joining Thomas Wayne – played by Ben Aldridge – for a security start-up. Executive producer Danny Cannon also promises Pennyworth to be a hard-R rated show, with violence, sex, and swearing.

Additionally, they will have adventures set in 1960’s London, where they will encounter the descendants of Jack the Ripper and group called the Raven Society. I don’t know who the Raven Society is, but they sound exactly like the Court of Owls. Why doesn’t young Alfred just fight the Court of Owls? That would actually be faithful to the source material!

Pennyworth is currently filming. It is expected to premiere on Epix in summer 2019.

Eric Lee

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