‘Aquaman’ Becomes Highest Grossing Box Office DC Comics Film

The Dark Knight Rises has held onto being DC Comics top box office hit since it’s release. Grossing at a total $1.085 billion, DC have had a difficult time recreating the movie’s success. The closest they’ve until recently was Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice. The first introduction to Batman in the DCEU made a total gross of $873 million. After mixed reviews for Suicide Squad, and the near-disaster that was Justice League, some believed that DC movies would never recover… that is, until the introduction of DC’s sub-marine super-hit, Aquaman.

Aquaman has been breaking records left and right. Hitting the $1 billion total gross mark, as well as officially overtaking The Dark Knight, to become the second highest grossing DC Comics movie. It has now gone further beyond that, having beaten out the previous holder, The Dark Knight Rises. The Nolan film held an impressive $1.085, but has now been eclipsed by Aquaman’s phenomenal $1.09.

Director, James Wan, had this to say about Aquaman’s meteoric rise to the top;

For years Aquaman has been an orange-shirted punchline… No one is laughing anymore. And this weekend when the King of Atlantis surpasses the Dark Knight of Gotham City, orange will officially be the new black for Warner Bros. Crazy.

How many more records can the movie break?!

Have you seen Aquaman yet? If not, go out and watch it! Help it, and DC, reach even higher!


Philip Clark

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