‘Aquaman’ Overtakes ‘The Dark Knight’ And May Become Highest Grossing DC Comics Movie Ever

by Philip Clark
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Aquaman is currently on a meteoric rise through the box office and has already beaten the total Justice League box office in its opening four days in China. It doesn’t stop there however, and the aquatic wonder is still beating even more movies.

Propelling itself to the top of the DCEU box office list, Aquaman has made $1.020 billion so far. Crushing it’s predecessors, including Wonder Woman and Batman vs Superman.

Aquaman Rises

Not only has Aquaman blown the DCEU out the water, but it’s also beating the Nolan trilogy. It’s overtaken The Dark Knight and is quickly reaching the lofty heights of The Dark Knight Rises. The third instalment of the iconic Nolan trilogy stands at a whopping $1.084 billion. With the under water production still in theatres, it’s on course to become top of the box office.

Both the movie’s director, and main star have turned to social media to thank fans for helping Aquaman to it’s tall heights.

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