‘Aquaman’ Trumps ‘Justice League’ Total Box Office In Opening Four Days In China

by Philip Clark
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Aquaman is already breaking records. The new film has already been a success in the global box office, beating Justice League’s box office total in China. After only having been open for four days, the film has already made $107.6 million. This is the biggest opening debut for a Warner Bros. movie in the country to date.

Where Justice League only made $106 million in its full span of release in China, Aquaman has already topped that. This bodes well for the underwater adventure starring Jason Momoa, as it releases worldwide.

Breaking Records

In it’s opening weekend Aquaman took a record breaking $94.2 million, putting it at the fourth biggest superhero movie debut in China’s history, and the biggest DC superhero debut. Only Venom, Avengers: Age of Ultron and Avengers: Infinity War top it.

While the film has wowed in China, the global success of Aquaman is yet to be seen. The production is set for a worldwide release over the next few weeks. North-America won’t get the wet and wild film until December 21st. When it does splash onto the U.S shores, the film is looking to debut at around $65 million.

Will you be rushing out to see the aquatic wonder when it arrives in your country? Let us know in the comments below!

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