David Mazouz Talks About ‘Gotham’ Season Five

by Eric Lee
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Bruce Wayne actor David Mazouz has let some juicy tidbits slip about what to expect in the final season of Gotham.

In an interview with CBR, Mazouz discussed his rivalry with Jeremiah and his hero’s journey to become Batman.

Mazouz on Bruce vs. Jheremiah

Mazouz really shows how the Jeremiah/ Bruce relationship closely reflects the Joker/Batman relationship in the comics. Bruce hates what Jeremiah does and stands for. On the other side, Jeremiah loves Bruce and the challenge he brings. Here is Mazouz on the matter:

It’s at its most adversarial ever — than it’s ever been. There’s going to be a big showdown between the two. Jeremiah is kind of snaking his head around corners for the first part of the season, and then he has his time to shine and, boy, is it climactic. Yeah, he really goes after Bruce, and he kind of brings this very Joker-esque dogma that he and Bruce are long-lost best friends and that one can’t survive without the other, which is obviously very reminiscent of the Joker’s relationship with Batman, and of course Bruce hates Jeremiah more than anything and Jeremiah thinks they’re best friends. But again, Bruce doesn’t kill so he can’t kill Jeremiah and Jeremiah loves Bruce so he can’t kill Bruce, so it’s kind of this, you know, unfortunately never-ending cycle of fighting between the two.

What Has Bruce Been Doing During No Man’s Land?

We knew that Gotham’s final season will focus on the city being a No Man’s Land, where it is cut off from the rest of the world. However, viewers are not sure what Bruce’s role will be in helping the citizens of Gotham. Mazouz sheds some light on the matter.

He’s fighting his way through it. Really. Yeah, we pick up at the beginning of the season and it’s three months after the events of season four left off and he’s tired. He’s working to create a clean water system. He’s working to bring medicine to the people of Gotham. Food. And it’s hard! It’s all really hard. Every step that they take forward comes with three steps back… He’s kind of working very intimately with Gordon and the GCPD this season, and they just kind of keep working as hard as they can, just eyes forward.

On Becoming The Dark Knight

Gotham made no secret how it is trying to set up Bruce becoming Batman. The real question is if Mazouz’s Bruce will every dawn some version of the iconic Batman costume. The way Mazouz phrased his response implies that it is a role that requires some transitioning from his typical Bruce role.

I mean, it’s kind of weird, stepping into this role, because it’s a whole other kind of role, in a way, and the scrutiny and pressure that comes with that has kind of been in the back of my mind, but also I’m mainly just excited. I’m excited for the fans of the show that have kind of stuck around five seasons waiting to see this. I’m excited for them to finally see it.

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Gotham season five will premiere January 5th, 2019 on FOX.

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