New Possible Batman Game Teased By Warner Bros.

by Philip Clark
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The definitive Batman game franchise is, without question, the recent Arkham series, they really put superhero video games on the map. Much has been said about a more being made; whether it be be a continuation, or a something brand new.

There are many stories that would make excellent video games, or even a series of games. The most recent I think that would be the Court of Owls storyline. For those unfamiliar with the story (which is highly unlikely seeing what website you’re on) a group of Gotham’s high society types, those with the most influence and power, have been masquerading as a villainous group known as the Court of Owls. The Court is behind everything that goes on within Gotham.

I think the story would make for an excellent game due to the fact that it’s so multi-layered. It would be different enough from the Arkham series to stand out by itself as a game, particularly if it focuses more on the detective side of Batman. This way it would be refreshing, and rewarding to players as they unlock the mysteries to the Court of Owls and even Gotham City itself.

Holy Conspiracies Batman!

Whoa, whoa, whoa, that’s a lot of speculation and theory that I’ve just thrown at you. Yes, it may all sound really cool, but it’s also the ramblings of a crazed fan.


Warner Bros. Montreal assistant producer; Valerie Vezina recently posted something on her Twitter. Warner Bros. Montreal have been working on at least two DC games for a while now, and this little tease could certainly spark some conspiracy theories.

Gee that symbol looks awfully familiar. Let us know what you think would make for an epic Batman game!

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