‘Supergirl’ Teases More About “Elseworlds” In Post Credits Scene

by Philip Clark
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DC have “Pulled a Marvel” giving fans a tease at their upcoming project after the most recent episode of Supergirl. Yet another teaser trailer dropped for the upcoming Elseworlds crossover. This most recent offering is probably the most chilling.

We are treated to a panning shot of just pure carnage and destruction, as well as a hefty body count of DC heores. It reminded me of the opening pages the recent Heroes In Crisis in which popular DC heroes lay dead. We also get a much better look at John Wesley Shipp’s Flash in this short trailer as he is the last hero standing against LaMonica Garrett’s Monitor.

I don’t want to spoil the trailer too much for those that have yet to see it, but it’s another fantastic teaser for what looks to be the best thing to grace our TV screens in a while. I’m really looking forward to seeing Ruby Rose’s portrayal of Batwoman, she looks great as the character!

Elseworlds will hit screens this coming Sunday, December 9th, and extends over three episodes of the popular CW shows.


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