Jeremiah is Full-On ‘Joker’ in New ‘Gotham’ Promo

FOX released a new promo video for Gotham season 5 featuring Alfred and Jeremiah looking just like the Joker.

The promo video starts with Alfred wandering the deserted streets of Gotham, post-No Man’s Land. Something is stalking him and he is ready with a gun in hand. However, from behind comes Jeremiah wearing a trademark purple shirt, green hair, and chalk-white skin.

He then says in his ominous Heath Ledger-voice: “Today’s the big day.”

Check out the promo below.

With No Man’s Land dominating the city in Gotham, the villains are taking over. What will it take for Bruce to push him into being Batman?

Gotham season 5 premieres January 5, 2019 on FOX.

Eric Lee

Eric Lee hails from San Francisco, California and has been one of the biggest fans of Batman since he was 2 years old when his dad showed him Tim Burton's 'Batman' on a fuzzy VHS. Currently, Eric is an avid comic book reader and writer and illustrator working on his own graphic novel. You can see his doodles at