Zack Snyder Confirms Concept Art Of Darkseid In ‘Justice League’

by Chris Foti
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When Justice League was released for home release earlier this year, it included concept art for the film in the special features. WB also released this concept art on their Movie All Access app.

One of these pieces shows what appears to be a warrior of some kind with the parademon army behind him. Many fans began to believe that this figure was supposed to be a young Darkseid. 

Well, one fan posted the image on the social media platform Vero, so Zack Snyder did what Zack Snyder does best nowadays and commented on it to reveal his ideas, plans and intentions of what will no longer come to pass.

Snyder confirmed that the warrior in the concept art was indeed Darkseid, then going by the name of Uxas, and that he was:

Searching for something that would make him unbeatable.

Historically Darkseid’s greatest quest has always been solving the Anti-Life Equation, which is rumored to be what the priests are reading in the flashback sequence in Justice League, during Steppenwolf’s first assault on Earth. Zack Snyder also confirmed that Darkseid was originally supposed to appear at the end of the film, when our heroes are looking through the boom tube.

Snyder has said in the past how the events of Justice League would directly bleed into Justice League 2, so it stands to reason if Darkseid was finally able to solve the Anti-Life Equation in the next film, he could control Superman, leading to the Knightmare sequence that Bruce has in Batman v Superman.

Unfortunately (or fortunately), Zack Snyder is no longer involved with DC Films, so the arrival of Darkseid in a future film in the current continuity is likely never going to happen, and the Knightmare sequence in BvS will forever be a random scene with questions that never get answered.

What are your thoughts of this concept art of a young Darkseid? Do you wish we got to see Snyder’s vision come true? Or are you happy that WB is pulling the plug? Let us know!

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