‘Gotham’s’ Bane Costume Revealed

by Philip Clark
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Gotham is as much a villains origin story as it is a Batman origin story. Many of The Dark Knight’s rogue’s gallery have had a role over the show’s four seasons. Most notably; The Penguin, The Riddler and Catwoman.

There is however, a villain that the show has yet to explore. A villain that is a massive part of the Batman mythos. One that has been very important in many Batman stories over the years;


The Bane Of Gotham

Photos of the costume surfaced on the internet over the last few days, but it is today that we get the official full costume look. Thanks to Entertainment Weekly, we can now see the costume that Shane West will be donning on the show.

Much has been said about this look in the hours since its release. Some say it’s something akin to what you’d see in the Mad Max universe. Others state it’s very similar to some of the Sith Lords from Star Wars, or even an amalgamation of both.

Personally, I quite like this look. The mask is an iconic part of the Bane character, as are the tubes that feed the Venom drug directly into his veins. The costume matches the early stages of the villainous careers that the show focuses on. It’s obvious that this is a very early iteration of the suit, along with having a modern twist that fits the style of the show.

West’s portrayal of the character is that of an old army friend of Jim Gordon’s that has gradually become a super-villain. This means that Gotham is taking some creative liberties with the character.

Bane’s story, along with any loose ends, will be explored in Gotham’s final season, which will air in 2019.

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