Review: Harley Quinn #52

by Kendra Smart
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Review: Harley Quinn Issue #52

Writer: Sam Humphries

Artist: Sami Basri 

Oh, Harleen! Readers I was definitely happy to come back to this story after the cliff hanger from #51. In This issue of Harley Quinn we get to truly meet Captain Triumph as we see how he came to be in the first place. Who doesn’t love a good origin story full of Pain, heartbreak, and good over evil?

A Different Time And Place

Getting right into it, we see how Captain Triumph lose his brother, Michael, through fishy circumstances in a plane crash. To boot it all happens in front of his brother and Fiancé. This is all followed up by the appearance of three witches, who legitimately make me want to go back to read Macbeth. These three women are the ones who make the pact with Lance for him to avenge his brother’s murder by becoming Captain Triumph.

In The Present

Harleen and Lance, still fighting around the streets of Manhattan, are getting to know one another.  The flow of this book is amazing as we get to see a lot of life lessons and choices before Harley. There is one scene with her Mom in particular that got my heart. This series really does make me want to read more and i am always sad when I get to the last page.


The art team on this story is stunning; the cover work is jaw dropping in itself. Sam Humphries and Sami Basri have once again done great work with the writing in this issue. Colorist Alex Sinclair has really shown his mettle in this issue, seamlessly going from a golden age feel into modern. The cover by Julian Totino Tedesco is breathtaking and of course we get a variant from Frank Cho as well which always rocks our socks.

This one is an easy 10/10 and I cannot wait to see what lies in store for us next time. What are your thoughts readers? Are you enjoying the Harley Quinn series as much as we are? Let us know in the comments below.

Images Courtesy Of DC Entertainment

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