Review: Harley Quinn/ Gossamer #1

by Kendra Smart
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Harley Quinn/ Gossamer Special #1

Writers: Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner

Artist: Pier Brito

For The Love Of Hot Dogs

So this was honestly a crossover I never expected to have such a good story. I will admit that when I saw this one I had low expectations as one of the main characters simply cannot talk. However Harley makes up for it as she always has sentences in spades to spout, as she gleefully narrates the story switching to breakdown the fourth wall at times that genuinely work.

The Big Orange Rug

Harley has always had the slapstick comedy down and looney is definitely a word to describe Miss Quinn. This crossover was actually really enjoyable. Harley is the Gotham version of Bugs Bunny in this well paced and fun crossover issue. We follow Harls as she makes her way safely through Hurricane Randy only to find dear Gossamer washed up on the beach. Of course being Harley she instantly falls in love with the big lug and takes him home with her to keep him safe.

That is until a large robot comes crashing in sending her and Gossamer on a wild ride through the Gotham elite. As we watch our duo make their way through Gotham trying to find the one man Harley believes is to blame, we see the other villains showing their light hearted sides almost as if viewing the villains through Harley’s eyes.


My favorite parts were how the writing and art teams came together not just for the main story  but also the extra short story, which was done in almost a replicated style of the old school Looney Tunes shorts. This issue was truly enjoyable and makes me want to read the rest of the crossovers as well. As an introduction to this series, I am fully sold.Images courtesy of DC Entertainment and Warner Bros.

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