David Mazouz Talks About ‘Gotham’

by Eric Lee
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Bruce Wayne actor David Mazouz recently discussed a wide range of Gotham topics, including his favorite episodes and what is to come in season five.

When speaking to EW at Comic-Con, Mazouz revealed which episode he liked the most.

My favorite episode, because it’s great for Bruce and it’s great for the entire show. I think it looks fantastic. It is the episode where Jerome kidnaps Bruce and they go to the circus in Season Three. That was an iconic moment because that was the episode where Bruce says ‘I’m not going to kill.’ Which is kind of Batman’s defining feature, especially when it comes to his distinction [from] any other superhero. That’s something that hasn’t gone away, that’s something he still carries with him and he still believes more than anything. That’s my favorite moment.

Mazouz is referring to the season 4 mid-season finale “The Gentle Art of Making Enemies”.

Mazouz’s Biggest ‘Gotham’ Wish

Despite four seasons so far, Mazouz did discuss what he wants to see personally in the upcoming season. Her would like to share more face-to-face screen time with Edward Nygma a.k.a. the Riddler.

Nygma, I had one scene with and it was like through a glass so like, it doesn’t count. That’s amazing, like four years, eighty-eight episodes so far, we have no scenes two central characters, like how is that possible? We need to fix that. Also he is, Nygma, is my favorite villain. I love his evolution, and Cory [Michael Smith]’s the nicest guy. He’s one of the most brilliant actors I’ve ever worked with… almost worked with, and I would love to actually have a scene with him.

What To Expect In Season Five

The season four finale ended Gotham City in utter chaos. The island of Gotham is cut off from the rest of the world and has become a No Man’s Land. With all the craziness, where does season five pick up? Mazouz teases fans with what to expect.

Last season ended with the government showing its back to Gotham. It’s a dark island, little electricity, food, ammo, all that kind of stuff — this kind of situation brings out kind of the [characteristics] of all the characters that we know and it’s going to be very character-driven this year, and the characters are finally gonna become who we know them as.

Gotham returns to FOX for it’s fifth and final season in January

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