Ruby Rose Reacts To Being Cast As Batwoman

by Adam Ray
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We’re all aware the next hero to come to the DC TV pantheon will be Batwoman. When we heard Ruby Rose was chosen to play her, no one was more excited than she was!

When they began casting for the role, they wanted someone like her, more than someone who matched the look. They wanted a queer actress or Jewish actress if possible. As many know about Rose, she is gender fluid, and that’s probably a stronger identifier for both character and actress to share.

In her talks with Jimmy Fallon, she took the news of being cast in the show very positively.

I found out an hour before I did the premier for Meg, and I was so nervous… because I kept spontaneously crying.

That’s appreciation for a character. Being that happy and excited lends to the what the character represents to the wider LGBT+ community. Rose herself summed it up very nicely saying:

Growing up, watching TV, I never saw somebody on TV I could identify with. Let alone a superhero. I always had this saying: […] Be the person that you needed when you were younger.

This character is her chance to be an inspiration to others, so that they don’t have to be without a role model like she was growing up.

Flying Arrows

I am interested to see where and how Rose’s Batwoman will slot into the current Arrowverse continuity. There is currently no Batman in the television universe, and it’s hard for Kate Kane to exist without one, given that she becomes Batwoman thanks to Batman’s influence and existence. The common theory is that she’s operating from another universe, and will cross over with shows through breaches.

I’m more hopeful that she’s around in Amell’s Arrow dimension and that Batman has operated with such perfect stealth that he’s still not been seen.

In any case, Ruby Rose is very welcome to the TV pantheon. Her enthusiasm for the character and her awareness for what the character will bring makes her more than ready. Watch the full interview with Jimmy Fallon below.

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