‘DC Deck Building Game’ Gets A Titans Expansion

by Philip Clark
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Cryptozoic, the minds behind the DC Deck Building Game, have revealed their latest Crisis Expansion. Announcing at GenCon the fourth of their expansions, this one focuses on the grown-up Teen Titans. As with all their expansions, this one can work with any of the base games.

The expansion pack brings Crisis versions of eight Titans, six Hero card versions of the characters are also being released, adding Donna Troy, Nightwing, The Flash, Tempest, Arsenal and Omen to the roster. Cryptozoic aren’t just bringing out new character cards however, an enhanced cooperative play style is also expected, with a new keyword and new Personal Crisis cards available.

A Titanic Expansion!

There are a few new features in this expansion pack, Matt Dunn, the game’s lead designer had this to say about one of them;

Personal Crisis are a new twist we wanted to explore after the world-altering Crisis of the previous three expansions. DC’s Teen Titans stories have always explored the relationships as much as crime-fighting, and that is reflected in the up-close-and-personal nature of the Crisis effects in this set.

Personal Crisis will affect players individually, but can be resolved through other players helping out. Teamwork is a massive part of this expansion, which is evident with the new Unity keyword. When a Unity card is played, not only will the player get the benefits of that card, but also of any Unity card in play.

If teamwork is your play style, then this expansion is for you. If you just love the Teen Titans characters, then this expansion is also for you.

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