Robin Lord Taylor Posts A Tease For Penguin In ‘Gotham’ Season 5 To Social Media

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As was reported last week, Executive Producer Danny Cannon continues to post more and more photos to Instagram chronicling the filming of Season 5 of Gotham. A few months ago, the show was seemingly dead, as Fox chose not to renew it, but eventually did so at the zero hour for one, final season.

Filming began just a few weeks ago and Cannon has been very active on Instagram. Last week the exec showed us Babs’ radical new haircut and gang of bird enthusiasts. Since then, we’ve been given fresh looks at David Mazouz as Bruce, as well as a photo of Donal Logue and Ben McKenzie working together. The photos shared of the stars didn’t reveal anything new or noteworthy.

Just like last week’s band of bird of enthusiasts, it seems Cannon is giving us a peek at presumably another gang birthed from the events of No Man’s Land. For the most part, the photo reveals very little and doesn’t seem to reference any known lore of which I’m aware. It just looks like a clan of cowboys with a penchant for leather.

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Not the most intimidating group, to say the least. It seems like they’d decline any bloodshed to preserve their outfits.

The news here, however, is this interesting photo posted with absolutely no caption.

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Now, that’s a good tease. During the events of the finale of season 4, Penguin was poised to take over a good chunk of Gotham in the chaos. And it seems, he’s likening himself to a dictator of sorts as this portrait likely references some sort of political propaganda. I’m half expecting a caption to say, “Kneel before Penguin” or “Penguin owns you.”

Robin Lord Taylor, the man who stars as Oswald Cobblepot, needed to make his own tease. Taking the photo from Cannon, he posted to his own Instagram. This time, with a caption.

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Apparently, we can expect big things for Penguin. Personally, I like my captions more, but it’s good to know that there’s something for Penguin fans to anticipate.

Currently, there is no known release date for Gotham season 5, but DKN will keep you posted of any updates.

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