‘Three Jokers’ Series One Of Geoff Johns’ New Projects

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Geoff Johns is one of the leading names in DC Entertainment. Having written some of the best comics the company has published, as well as co-producing Justice League. Johns has been a staple figure in the company for the last eight years. Having been promoted to the Chief Creative Officer in 2010. It has been announced that he will be stepping down from that role this week.

What’s Next For Geoff Johns?

Having more time to focus on writing comics, Johns will be starting on his Three Jokers series. Finally exploring a plot thread that has been left hanging for two long years. While not much is known about the series currently, it will be illustrated by Jason Fabok. Three Jokers introduces one of the most terrifying and interesting thoughts. That there is not just one Clown Prince of Crime, but seemingly there are three individuals that share the identity of Batman’s biggest rival.

I am certainly intrigued by the idea and look forward to seeing it unravel. I can only imagine the ramifications this will have on Batman, Gotham and the DC Universe as a whole!


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