DC Universe Streaming Service Might Launch This Summer

Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment have been teasing a streaming, digital platform for a while now. Last spring, they announced that a new, live-action Titans series would be coming to the service along with Season 3 of Young Justice.

Just last month, we were finally given a name for the streaming service, DC Universe. Along with the new name, the streaming service also announced that Harley Quinn and Swamp Thing will be joining Young Justice and Titans as exclusive shows on the network.

Now it seems that the DC streaming service will be arriving for fans sooner than we expected. Dani Snow, DC Entertainment Community Manager, appeared on the James Bonding podcast to speak about the women in the James Bond franchise. At the end of the show, when asked if there was anything coming up that she wanted to plug, she says this:

We are about to launch, I think late August, our DC Digital platform, which will be a hub for all things DC. There will be digital movies, TV shows that you can watch, streaming. We’re gonna have a lot of comics on there. There’s gonna be a lot of good stuff on there.

This is huge news for two reasons. First of all, it gave us a timeline of when we might be able to use this service, which is in just a couple of months! Secondly, it’s going to offer more than just the original shows mentioned earlier. It seems like it’ll basically be a Netflix of all DC related movies and TV shows of the past. Snow elaborated:

Right now, we’re working on getting everything from the back catalog of animated TV shows and movies on there now, but will also be producing. I think, right now, we have four in production, original shows, including Swamp Thing.

Just like how Netflix has a wealth of movies and TV shows, along with original content they create, it seems like that’s exactly what DC Universe is doing.

The news about comics shouldn’t go under the radar either. While is unknown what sort of stories or series will be available on the platform, or how recent they will be, this can be huge for DC readers. Marvel already has a similar service in Marvel Unlimited that gives fans access to 20,000+ digital comics for $9.99/month. DC Universe could potentially give fans that, PLUS all the movie and TV content mentioned earlier.

As a massive Batman (and DC) fan first, it’s clear to anyone that Marvel is winning the movie “War” (even though we can like both right?) This digital service can be great for DC and their fans. If it has a similar digital comic library as Marvel Unlimited, along with the original series and other DC content they’re promising, and it’s not too bad on the wallet, this could be what DC fans have been hoping for.

What are you interest levels on DC Universe so far? Are you excited? Sceptical? Let us know!


Chris Foti

Lifelong fan of Batman and Boston Sports