Tom King’s Eisner-Winning ‘Good Boy’ Story Has a Real-Life Inspiration

by Eric Lee
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Batman writer Tom King has revealed that his short story from Batman Annual #1 was inspired by his rescue dog.

On Twitter, King explained the origin for the “Good Boy” that introduces Ace, the Bat-Hound into current DC continuity.  The idea came from his daughter after the King family adopted a rescue dog.

Ace, the Bat-Hound Explained

For those who have not read “Good Boy”, Batman adopts Ace after seeing him in abused in a dog-fighting ring. Over the course of months, Ace tears through Wayne Manor until Alfred and Bruce are able to calm and eventually accept him. “Good Boy” ran in 2016’s Christmas-themed Batman Annual.  It also went on to win an Eisner award for “Best Short Story”. Check out DKN’s review of the annual here.

Ace has been a fixture in Batman mythos since the 1950’s. However, subsequent reboots continue to retcon Ace out of continuity. Fortunately, writers like King continue to re-introduce Ace back into the Batman stories. To mainstream audiences, Ace is probably most well-known as the elderly Bruce Wayne’s canine companion in Batman BeyondUnfortunately, he never wore a dog-mask on the show.

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