Batman #45, Guest Starring Booster Gold, Teased at C2E2 Panel

The upcoming Batman #45 was previewed at the Batman panel in C2E2 comic convention. Booster Gold comes to give Batman a thoughtful, but horribly misguided wedding gift: Bruce Wayne’s parents alive. However, when going back in time to save the Waynes, Booster inadvertently prevents Bruce from ever being born.

Booster Gold

Enter a new Batman in the form of Dick Grayson. However, writer Tom King explains that this is not the same Grayson that we know and love. He does not have Bruce’s influence and thus carries guns. Come on, Booster! This is the same garbage that the Flash pulled to create Flashpoint! You should know better!

Daniel Returns

Fans will also see the return of Tony Daniel to the title. Daniel was the artist for much of Grant Morrison’s Batman run, producing iconic art for the Batman: RIP storyline. Furthermore, Daniel wrote and drew the initial New 52 run of Detective Comics. His return will mark the first time he’s been back on a Batman comic since 2012.

Batman #45 is out on April 18, 2018.

Eric Lee

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