‘Shazam!’ star teases Batman cameo

With production of Shazam! well underway the star of the movie has teased that certain Dark Knight may make an appearance.

Zachary Levi has shared a post on his instagram that is obviously a tease for all us Batman fans. While it is not impossible that he might make a quick cameo it is not likely he will play an extensive role in the movie itself. However don’t expect the movie to not feature other members of the Justice League even if Batman can’t make it.

Warning: Potential spoilers below!

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Look who makes a cameo in Shazam… 😏

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It is believed that Henry Cavill’s Superman will have a role in the movie.

Could Batman make an appearance in Shazam?

Shazam! is set for release on 5 April 2019. It will be released after Aquaman and before Wonder Woman 2. With no announcements regarding a new Superman or Batman movie a cameo in Shazam! would be a great way to keep both these characters in the public eye. However one of the main reasons we may not see Batman is the status of Ben Affleck as the Dark Knight.

The Batman was originally planned for a 2018 release but has not even officially started production. It has been plagued with delays and reshuffling of key players. Warner Bros. may play it safe with the character in the short term as it may become confusing to audiences if they keep seeing Affleck and are suddenly handed a new Batman.

I would bet that we are going to see Superman in this movie, I wouldn’t put money on Batman.


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