‘Justice League’ Receives An Unrelenting ‘Honest Trailer’

The popular YouTube channel Screen Junkies has come for Justice League with an Honest Trailer, and they are unrelenting. It’s hilariously brutal, to the point where we ask “What were you thinking, Warner Bros.?”

Screen Junkies does not hold back. They tear apart the film for its CGI and pointing out the under-development of characters. I blame Joss Whedon because Justice League has a cool, edgy feel, however adding awkward jokes for lackluster laughs really strips away from what was a consistent feel throughout the other films (Man of Steel, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Suicide Squad, and Wonder Woman).

Thus far, only Wonder Woman has been relatively universally enjoyed. Unless Warner Bros. begins listening to the fans and allow the creators to pace themselves, we’re grasping at threads. Childhood dreams should not prioritize as fast cash, but I promise you, Warner Bros., if you prioritize the fans first, you WILL profit big. As well as being praised. Wonder Woman knocked us out! Because it was given time, care, the director gave excellent consideration of time and training. Don’t let the DCEU turn into dust.

Check out their video with that wicked voice over.


Sharna Jahangir

Lover of all things Batman. A Masters of Information Science student at the U of Toronto. Passionate about defending citizens as much as Batman, a published in A.I. researcher at National Defense. Junior Editor at Engineering.com. A graphic artist, avid blogger, scientific analyst, Sharna's not the best at maintaining a secret identity, but more than strong enough to protect her loved ones.