Zack Snyder has a Piece of ‘Batman v Superman’ Hanging in his Personal Gym

by Philip Clark
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It must be nice working on a film. Just imagine being around the fantastically talented actors, working on set pieces and everything that makes a scene what it is.

Most of the time what crafts a perfect scene is everything that goes unnoticed. The furniture and decor of a room. The lighting and sound effects that get enhanced during post. The pictures and paintings of the family, hanging on the wall. Speaking of, Zack Snyder was able to nab a painting from the set of Batman v Superman.

The painting of Jeffery Dean Morgan as Thomas Wayne, now hangs on the wall of Snyder’s personal gym. Or as he likes to call it, his ‘office’. Posting a picture of him in his ‘office’ with the painting hanging behind him, on Vero, a social media website, earlier.

The perks of being the director, eh?

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