‘Justice League’ Animated Series Actors Comment on Fan Campaign for Reunion Movie

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A couple weeks ago, a Twitter account by the name of @AnimatedJL caused some heads to turn when they suggested a movie for the beloved Justice League animated series. The movie of course would reunite the original cast members of the animated series. A fan campaign was promptly launched. The account tweeted that Wonder Woman voice actress, Susan Eisenberg was on board and that legendary voice director, Andrea Romano would come out of retirement to direct. Even the one true Batman, Kevin Conroy tweeted his excitement at possibly bringing the band back together.

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Since then, The Hollywood Reporter ran a piece on the fan campaign to reunite these wonderful actors, speaking to most of the original cast members.

After tweeting his support for the reunion, Conroy reminisces on his time on the convention circuit, reiterating the fans’ love for the series:

“I’m often at Comic-Cons across the country where I get to interact with the audience, and a frequently asked question is why there hasn’t been a Justice League animated movie based on the animated TV series. There’s a large and loyal fan base there that you’d think the studio would want to tap into. To me it’s a no-brainer.”

Susan Eisenberg was ready explore an aspect of the show that was only touched upon: The relationship between Bruce and Diana. She said:

“Well, selfishly, I’d love to explore the relationship between Bruce and Diana a bit more, and I know there are some wonderbat fans out there who feel the same way,” says Wonder Woman actress Susan Eisenberg. “But mostly, I would just love to see a story where The League is united in its fight of good vs. evil, with some romance and levity thrown in for good measure!”

Voice actor extraordinaire, Phil LaMarr, who voices Green Lantern John Stewart, expressed how grateful he was that the show retains a following and offers up his explanation about why the series has yet to be rebooted: “Executives tend to look for the biggest, shiniest new thing, not the best, most-loved old thing — until someone proves there’s an audience for it.”

Voice actors for Superman and the Flash, George Newbern and Michael Rosenbaum respectively also offer up some comments on the show and the fan campaign, seemingly interested in returning.

The fruits of a fan campaign beseeching WB can be seen with Young Justice: Outsiders, set to premiere on DC’s streaming service in 2018. This all means that if we are loud enough, WB may hear us!

We still need to hear back from Maria Canals who soared as Hawkgirl, Carl Numbly who transcended as Martian Manhunter, and of course, the architect of the DCAU, Bruce Timm. Once they speak up and agree, we’re in business.

Until then, we might just have to make do with this incredible script reading done a few months ago.

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