Review: Suicide Squad #26

“Gotham Resistance,” Part Three

Writer: Rob Williams

Artist: Stjepan Šejić

To the readers that haven’t been keeping up with the mega Dark Nights: Metal Crossover and are asking themselves where parts one and two of Gotham Resistance are, I will be gentle with you. The latest issue of Suicide Squad gives us chapter three (of four) in the story within a story.

The positive with this crossover is that writer, Rob Williams, gives us a smooth recap whilst telling his own tale. The negative is that the story will finish in another title. I must say, though, that where some mega crossovers make you buy comics that you wouldn’t normally, this story is so cool that I have to recommend reading them. As it’s only a four parter, my guilt levels are low… if this in turn prompts you to buy the whole Metal storyline, then that’s down to you! (If you’re not a crossover person, that’s fine… but this event is so terrific that I’d be remiss not to give it a push.)

Gotham Resistance started in Teen Titans #12, carried on into Nightwing #29, leads into this issue of Suicide Squad and concludes in Green Arrow #32. Metal proper started in Dark Days: The Forge, ran into Dark Days: The Casting and then the first two issues of Dark Nights: Metal. To Rob Williams’ eternal credit (evil cliffhanger notwithstanding) this book reads fine as a standalone. The Nightwing chapter was a lot more involved, due to Dick Grayson’s strong ties with Batman.

Pretty Poison

Laughs and thrills abound in Rob William’s script, with Stjepan Šejić’s wonderfully energetic art complementing the words perfectly. I know that the two issue per month schedule must be gruelling, but I would love to see Mr. Šejić working on a regular monthly book, or as a rotating artist on this one. I love his version of the Squad, and his Poison Ivy is one of my all time favorite depictions of her. Ivy’s power, enhanced by the Metal from The Batman Who Laughs’ playing card, is truly awesome. I always found the abilities she possesses to control plant life potentially terrifying, and here we see her full power unleashed.


Whilst I was very impressed with the way Rob Williams handled this crossover, I do sympathise with the readers who only buy this book. I am well ensconced into the whole Metal event, but realise that not all fans want to be, or can afford to be. The writing and art on this issue are top notch, full marks quality to a fan who’s had access to the whole picture. With this in mind, I give the third chapter of Gotham Resistance:

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