Review: Titans #15

by Ryan Lower
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“Double Agent”

Writer: Dan Abnett

Artists: Norm Rapmund, Brett Booth

Nightwing the spy? Nightwing the traitor? Nightwing the…”Double Agent”? All signs point to yes in the opening pages of Titans #15. After pushing for everyone to go through an advanced lie detector test, Dick Grayson appears to be suspect #1. Meanwhile, the Flash has written a letter to the Titans leader, which is being spread out to us throughout the entire issue. The end wraps with “not everything is as it seems” and a nice cliffhanger for next month.

I don’t want to spoil anything in case you haven’t read this issue yet. However, I can tell you: it’s good. This book has been such a fun surprise since “Rebirth”. The characters are fascinating, the art looks great, and the stories are fun. I like seeing the bond between the team. Nightwing’s leadership skills with the Flash’s heroic sensibilities, and Roy’s instant skill of being a bit of a dick. The comraderie between everyone is flawless in this issue. The story progresses a little quicker than I’d wanted it to, but yet also takes us to the next chapter in an exciting way. This book being monthly always seems to have me looking forward to the next.

As for the art: top notch. Norm Rapmund and Brett Booth have matched the tone of this book perfectly. Their characters have a real-world quality to them, yet don’t make anything to grim or grimy to take us out of the story. I especially love the character designs and how intricate their suits are. Each setting that they’re in also has a fun tone, but doesn’t get too ridiculous or sloppy. A great looking book here.


Titans #15 is a fun, exciting book that keeps readers on edge with quick twists and turns. Despite revealing the “not everything is at it seems” a little too early, this issue should please any fun that’s been following this monthly run.

Images courtesy of DC Entertainment

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