Matt Reeves Clarifies his Comments on his Batman’s Place in DC Extended Universe

by Adam Poncharoen​sub
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There’s a lot going on in with DC Films at the moment and it’s difficult to sift through all the clutter and find anything credible and valid. Warner Bros. has remained uncharacteristically quiet about everything, leaving fans to wonder exactly what DC and Warner Bros. actually have planned.

Another foundation toppling revelation swept the Internet a couple days ago. A little known interview that Matt Reeves, director of the upcoming standalone Batman movie, became a subject of controversy. In it, he stated that his Batman movie “is not part of the extended universe. Though the interview was a few months old, the quote is pretty succinct and difficult to misinterpret.

However, it seems that it was in fact, misinterpretted. Matt Reeves himself decided to weigh in on the buzz and set the record straight via Twitter.

The Batman stands alone

There you have it. Batfleck will literally be standing alone, apart from his brethren in the DC Extended Universe, tackling his own adventure. I find it interesting that Reeves really felt the need to say anything, but I suppose it’s one of two things: 1) He’s not used to having every single word he says be the subject of scrutiny online and felt the need to explain himself. 2) WB was tired of all the fires sparking and felt that this was the easiest to extinguish by pressuring poor Reeves.

Either way, we finally have some confirmation! Yes, The Batman will be part of the DCEU! Nothing to worry about there.

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