Kevin Conroy Reads Batman’s ‘The Dark Knight’ Speech

by Chris Foti
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It’s pretty safe to say that The Dark Knight is the greatest live-action Batman film to date.  It’s also safe to say that arguably the most famous quote from the Dark Knight Trilogy is “you either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain” from Harvey Dent.

That philosophy played a huge part in the plot of The Dark Knight and even its sequel The Dark Knight Rises.  The morality of right and wrong, and can a person ever truly remain good?

A large part of what made Nolan’s Batman trilogy so legendary, is Christian Bale’s brilliant portrayal of Batman/Bruce Wayne.  Bale gave us what no Batman had successfully done before, and that was give us the three personas of Batman.  The “mask” playboy persona, the real Bruce Wayne, and the Batman.  From the youthful vigilante full of rage in Batman Begins, to the unstoppable force meeting the immovable object in The Dark Knight, to the man at the end of his rope in The Dark Knight Rises, Bale gave us a now iconic portrayal of fiction’s greatest character.

However, as great as his performance was in all three films, the common complaint people have is his gravely Batvoice, especially in the second two films where it becomes more pronounced.  This voice made scenes where Batman has a lot of dialogue feel…a little off.

Well, in comes Kevin Conroy.  The undisputed “voice” of Batman, the one we all hear when reading the comics.  On the latest episode of Nerdist’s “Talkin’ Toons”, the legendary voice actor decided to give it a go at Batman’s speech at the end of The Dark Knight.

Chilling.  Sometimes people do need to have their faith rewarded.  What did us Batman fans do to deserve such a great voice actor like Kevin Conroy to portray this character for all of these years.




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