‘Batman: The Enemy Within’ Teaser Trailer Released

by Adam Poncharoen​sub
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Last year, Telltale Games decided to work with our favorite brooding bat-themed vigilante. And they gave us the highly-acclaimed Batman: The Telltale Series. Well, they were anxious to get back to Gotham because almost exactly one year later, we have a teaser trailer for a game coming out in 5 days! And we just heard about it two weeks ago!

Check out the teaser trailer below:

Not only does it look fantastic, but they’re giving us a hooded, sadistic Riddler and… the Joker! It’s interesting to note just how severely disturbed their Riddler is… and it looks like he’s been around even before the time of the Batman. The inclusion of Amanda Waller is a little jarring as she mostly concerns herself with national security rather than the happenings of one city, but they have their own universe here.

Unfortunately, there’s no time to save your money! The first episode comes out August 8th! That’s 5 days, folks! It looks like it’s worth your time!

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