Factory Entertainment to Release ‘Batman ’66’ Batcave Model

by Adam Poncharoen​sub
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If you to make it to San Diego Comic-Con this summer, you’ll get your first look at Factory Entertainment’s replica of the Batcave from Batman ’66. And it is a real beauty.

The Bright Knight’s Batcave was never really consistent on-screen, constantly appearing differently in different episodes. So with that in mind, Factory Entertainment’s model will carry that same principle. A few pieces of furniture will remain fixed, but several pieces will be movable allowing any Batfan to re-create the Batcave arrangement from their favorite episode.

To the Batcave!

Take a look:

This is no children’s toy. Oh no, this is a work of art. The dimensions of the sculpture are 18″ x 14″ x 9″ and weighs about 20 pounds. All those pretty lights are included, some animated, some static, and even some floor lights. The lights are powered by AA batteries and do have on and off switches… but why would you ever want to turn it off?

How much does all of that cost? Well, $799.99 USD, of course. It’s not cheap and with how much care and precision was put into it, it definitely deserves that price tag. Unfortunately, the Batmobile is not included.

You can pre-order the set here. Some will be available for pick up at SDCC 2017, but the rest will be shipped out some time after the event.

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